Samvil ehf.

Samvil ehf. – símenntun og ráđgjöf (Continuing Education – Lifelong learning center) is a private educational enterprise, established 1997. offers online and face to face courses for adult learners in the capital, Reykjavík, and in the rural areas of Iceland. We focus on development of online and blended learning courses using ICT and open source software.

We offer courses in ICT, human resources management, accounting and other commerce courses for adult learners re-entering the school system, enhancing the work environment or unemployed. Our courses and projects are designed in cooperation with adult learners, enterprises and organisations.

Our employees/trainers are specialized in certain fields of their activity and all of them have university degrees and speak foreign languages.
Our main areas of expertise are using ICT and social media in all training we offer.

Samvil has participated in EU projects.
Also we have participated in researches in teaching and learning, in distance education and adult learning in cooperation with universitis and others.

 Tökum ţátt í Evrópuverkefni, Grundtvik verkefni EGG 2011-2013.

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